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What is FRAIL?

The FRAIL platform is an interoperable, secure and open solution that empowers pre-fragile and fragile citizens through a non-intrusive sensing of activity and environmental conditions in the home context.


Three Elements

The FRAIL platform is a suite of 3 elements: a personal and home sensing system, an intervention system for care professionals and a gamification system for physical exercise devoted to elderly people. These three elements can be delivered separately or combined to support the treatment of frailty conditions.


What is frailty?

Frailty is a condition prior to disability with a high predictive value of admission to hospital, falls and death.

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The FRAIL product comprises three different sets of services:

Real Time Healthcare(RTH)

RTH is a solution based on the use of wearable devices to remotely assess and monitor patients with chronic conditions in real time. Zerintia, the RTH service developer, allows clinicians to gather data from patients and, where required, direct them to appropriate medical resources such as doctors/hospitals. RTH Also provides the patient with relevant information and instructions from qualified medical staff. The three main pillars for assessing and monitoring are related to pharmaceuticals, daily habits and vital signs.

Platform for Care Professionals:

A Care Collaborative Network tool (SoCo-Net). This is a standalone tool/component, supporting services for collaboration and active communication between the frail patient and his/her formal and informal carers as well as personalised and continuous care and support.

Services to empower the end-user:

These services are based on the gamification environment and an avatar based application that allows the framework to interact with the frail user and empower his/her life, skills and sociability through smart-TV, tablet and the smart-watch usage.

Meet Our Team

Roessingh Research and Development (RRD)

A research and development SME in the area of rehabilitation technology and telemedicine with strong formalized links to one of the largest rehabilitation Center in the Netherlands (Roessingh Rehabilitation Center) and the University of Twente.

Zerintia TecHnologies

Leaders in the development of solutions based on Wearable Technology and Internet of Things (IoT) applied to the healthcare sector and business processes (industrial, retail, logistic sectors) environments.

CiTARD Services Ltd

An SME, established in 2005, active in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector and concentrating in the eHealth and Ambient Assisted Living areas.


Magtel is a technology-based company that applies innovative solutions in the design, construction and maintenance of projects in different sectors in which it operates: Telecommunications, Energy, Environment, Railways and Civil / Building Works.


Macrosad is an expert in attention to aging and the situations of dependence, with 20 years’ experience in the sector, which develops through its current activity, new attention to the dependency and empowerment of the frail patient through activity in R&D as well as the adaptation of their products and services according to the needs of the users.

University of Cyprus

The main research organization in the Republic of Cyprus active in research, technology watch, creativity and teaching. The Department of Computer Science and more specifically the DMAC Laboratory is the main representative of UCY in the project.


The Respectful Service You Deserve.

FRAIL provides a new product founded on the integration of three different solutions from three R&D performing SMEs, whose singular effectiveness has already been tested in the market, on telemedicine and rehabilitation applications for elderly people.
The FRAIL product initial reference market will address individuals with the following characteristics:

  • People aged between 65 and 80 years of age, with currently diagnosed pre-frail episodes or at high risk of developing these conditions in the near future.
  • Living alone at home with or without the support of informal caregivers and their families.
  • Possessing basic computer, tablet and smartphone use skills (the ability to start and use these resources).


European adaptation

The FRAIL project team places emphasis on the exploitation of the project outputs and aspires to provide a solution that can be adapted to current healthcare systems in Europe, by facilitating the technical adaptation to local settings.

Strategic Approach

Such a strategic approach will be supported by an architecture that will be scalable, independent, reusable and flexible.

Why frailty?

The absence of effective interventions in people with frailty syndrome encourages the research and development of ICT solutions that support the care of frail citizens, decelerating the deterioration caused by ageing and improving their quality of life.

Who is it for?

It is for people who are in need of constant monitoring in relation to the progress of health conditions and the continuity and regulation of treatment.

Our formula for market success:

The uniqueness of the product and a flexible business model, based on SaaS paradigm and a low monthly fee and pay per use price.